About Us

Assa’s roots are in Kathmandu, Nepal. Established in 2015 Assa aims to help preserve the craft of weaving while providing a safe and stable work environment for the weavers working with us.
We are based and ship out of Wellington, New Zealand.

Our Fiber

Our Cashmere goats are native to the High Himalayas roaming above 3000m and our sheeps wool comes from the lower Himalayas. From here the fibre is sent for carding and spinning.
We combine our Cashmere with sheeps wool for strength, Adding wool reduces yarn breakage during weaving and crafts a more durable finished product in our shawls and throws
Once in Kathmandu our yarn is hand woven by our master weavers into our Assa Products. 

Our Weavers Rampyari and Bishnumaya.